Fix incorrect production and repair work clothes

With us, companies can cook & customize large quantities of clothes, both small and large volumes - up to 3000 garments / month. Shipping methods are adapted to your order.

Email our sales representative at [email protected] for more info.

Now we have made it easier for you to help your customers or employees the opportunity to repair their clothes.

We have put together a gift card on paper, with code and personal greeting if you wish.

We can send them in bundles to you or to the recipient.

You order these via email ([email protected]) or phone. Shipping costs will be added.

Production defects of clothing

Has the factory misproduced your clothes, shoes or bags? Send the garments to us and we will fix the errors, so that you can sell the goods.

Common modification work is e.g.

Cracking & rework

Dithydation of labels

Replacing buttons, buckles, etc.

Repair of bad seams

Replacing zippers

Additions & reinforcements

Warranty matters
Let us take care of your customers' warranty matters. The garment goes directly from customer to us, we cook and send back. You avoid all manual handling and your customers once again get use for the garments they have already bought and used.

We cook workwear in all industries. Industries, construction companies or restaurants. Lower your annual budget on work clothes by repairing the ones you already own. This also improves your sustainability report.

Sewing & new production
In our tailoring factory in Malmö, we can also offer simpler clothing. We have machines for most different types of work.
We also perform sewing of unusual products, such as covers, covers and home textiles.